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9 tips for driving in winter

Winter brings the most dangerous weather conditions to drive. The wind, the cold, the rain, the snow and the ice condition the circulation and force the driver to modify his driving. The main tips for dealing with these adverse conditions are included in these 9 tips for driving in winter: Winter set-up. The car to […]

Trip to Galicia

Here we leave some pictures of our trip to Galicia last week. To thank Viajes Jobe for trusting us.

Trip to the valley of Boi and Aran

These days we have made a trip through the Valley of Boi and Aran. To thank the Lleida i Tu Agency for trusting in our services. Here we leave you an images.  

Job offer: We are looking for two bus drivers

Send your CV with all your information through our website, in the Job Board. If you meet the profile we are looking for, we will get in touch. Immediate incorporation.

6 Tips for removing ice from the windshield

You should never pour hot water, because the sudden change in temperature can break the windshield. Before the cold arrives ………….. Fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir with a specific product containing antifreeze (all or almost all of the market), in winter water or soapy water can freeze, which could freeze the electric pump system. […]