Autocars Pons

Job offer: We are looking for two bus drivers

Send your CV with all your information through our website, in the Job Board. If you meet the profile we are looking for, we will get in touch. Immediate incorporation.

6 Tips for removing ice from the windshield

You should never pour hot water, because the sudden change in temperature can break the windshield. Before the cold arrives ………….. Fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir with a specific product containing antifreeze (all or almost all of the market), in winter water or soapy water can freeze, which could freeze the electric pump system. […]

We expanded the fleet, Autocares Pons acquires two new coaches.

                  Autocares Pons, a Lleida company with more than 85 years of experience in the passenger transport sector, both national and international, has increased its fleet, acquiring two new vehicles. The vehicles were purchased from the Noge body, the Touring GOLD HDH model, on a SCANIA Euro […]

Actel Força Lleida coach, LEB OR

Our company Autocares Pons, has the pleasure of taking the first basketball team, ACTEL FORÇA LLEIDA, as well as the teams from the base. We have prepared a coach for your trips, so that the team has more comforts: more space between seats, tables for players and technical equipment, WIFI, coffee maker…, as well as […]

¿Window or hallway?? What seat to choose….

A bus trip can be a very pleasant experience or on the contrary a very uncomfortable situation if we get dizzy or do not have enough space. For this reason, it is very important to choose the best seat in the bus depending on our characteristics and needs.