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6 Tips for removing ice from the windshield

You should never pour hot water, because the sudden change in temperature can break the windshield.

Before the cold arrives …………..
Fill the windshield washer fluid reservoir with a specific product containing antifreeze (all or almost all of the market), in winter water or soapy water can freeze, which could freeze the electric pump system.

Prevent ice from forming on the windshield ……….
There are many homemade tricks more or less effective, such as rubbing the glass with a peeled potato, sprinkle it with a mixture of water and vinegar, etc. The most practical, simple and clean is to cover the moon with a cardboard or blanket (which will be necessary to hold with the windscreen wiper arms and the front doors). This will prevent the formation of ice and also the windshield wiper blades sticking to the glass.

Eliminate ice effectively………………
To remove the ice effectively, it is recommended to perform the following actions: