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¿Window or hallway?? What seat to choose….

A bus trip can be a very pleasant experience or on the contrary a very uncomfortable situation if we get dizzy or do not have enough space. For this reason, it is very important to choose the best seat in the bus depending on our characteristics and needs.




Window or hallway?

Depending on what you want to do during the trip you must choose between one option and another. For example, if we prefer to look out the window and entertain ourselves with the landscape we will obviously have to ask for a window seat. Also, if you want to take advantage of the trip to go to sleep, the window seats allow you to lean on it to rest, so you can be more comfortable. Anyway, we must always place something like a coat or a cushion between the head and the window to avoid the annoying vibrations.

On the other hand, if we are tall, have circulation problems or simply like to be stretched, the aisle seat will be the best option. This seat allows you to stretch your legs in the aisle gap as long as you do not disturb the rest of the passengers. Also, another advice to go more comfortable especially if we want to rest is to avoid the seats that are located on the wheels, as they will be noticed more bumps.

Beginning seats

If we get dizzy with ease are the ideal squares. In the squares of the beginning it is more difficult to get dizzy since we can also see the landscape by the front moon of coach and the movements will not be so abrupt. Also, if the bus has DVDs are the ideal places to be able to see and hear some movie without anyone bothering us.

Middle seats

They are the most coveted, especially those that are before and after the back exit. Normally, the seats before the exit allow to recline the seats to the maximum without disturbing the users that are seated behind, reason why we can be more lying down.

For their part, the seats after the exit door have the advantage that they have no seats in front, so the feeling of amplitude will be much greater. In addition, it is very common to have a small table that can be very useful if we are using a mobile device or reading.

End Seats

The seats at the end are usually the least people choose because for example, in the last row can not be reclined or because people are dizzy. Still have many other advantages, since being the least crowded usually have some free and we can go wider.

As you can see, each bus seat can have pros and cons. Therefore, to make our trip pleasant and comfortable, it is enough to know our needs or characteristics and choose the most suitable place.